Old Salt 7"

by Staynless



Woah. Where in the world have these guys been? And does all their stuff sound like this? According to the cover, this is one song split across two sides, recorded in 1999, and released in 2002. Total atmosphere, repetition, desperate vocals that are building up from urgently spoken to shouted and cried. It builds up bit by bit, bringing the groove and just shattering me into several pieces. It has all the requisite ingredients. A familiar guitar sound, a mid-song break down where they brood and talk the words somberly before bringing the guitars back with more power than ever before and elevating the vocals to their peak. Yep. It's a bit special. Basically if you like emo, this 7" will make you die. Absolutely incredible.

Andy Malcolm / Collective-Zine


released July 1, 1999

Captured via analog tape July 1999 by Bruce Falkinburg at Phase Sound Studios, College Park, Maryland.

Mastered at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tenn.

Released by Soul is Cheap [blue vinyl].

Cover Photo: Jim Wark

N. Jordan: Guitar / Vocals
C. Wark: Guitar / Vocals
D. Farris: Drums
T. Dixon: Bass


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